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Beginning in July 2007 all WELS Lutheran schools (early childhood, elementary, and high school) were asked to provide an enrollment-based contribution to support the work of the WELS Commission on Lutheran Schools. Financial challenges faced by the Wisconsin Synod resulted in severe budget cutbacks across every WELS ministry division since 2003. The new program was established to ensure full staffing of the Lutheran Schools office and restoration of defunded support services. A synod-wide feasibility study was conducted to explore alternative funding sources. Input from local leaders in every district lead to the proposal of an enrollment-based fee system. The plan was presented at district conventions. Based on feedback from the districts, the fee system was replaced with a voluntary contribution plan which makes all CLS programs accessible to every school, but features a two-tiered pricing plan where contributing schools receive significant discounts on subscription services.


The most important benefit you can claim by means of your school’s contribution is the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference by contributing to the greater good of WELS schools. Your contribution helps to preserve and strengthen support for an important form of gospel proclamation in our world—WELS Lutheran schools. The CLS supplemental contribution plan is an opportunity for WELS schools to demonstrate their commitment to walk together as a school system. WELS budgetary support for the Commission on Lutheran Schools is no longer sufficient to cover the salaries of our office staff and basic office operations. Your school's contribution is vital to ensure the most basic and assumed synod services for Lutheran schools such call list development, the Team Ministry Process, and District Coordinator services continue into the future. Your school's contribution will ensure that basic and important services are available for all WELS schools and will establish the opportunity for such services to grow and be strengthened.


Contributing schools will receive tangible benefits such as a complimentary electronic subscription to the quarterly newsletter Parents Crosslink (currently 3.00 per copy); a complimentary subscription to Learn360 - the new online video-streaming library; one annual on-site visit from your school counselor; the Council for American Private Education (CAPE) monthly newsletter, and preferred rates on all CLS services, subscriptions, and event registrations. Most schools will find their overall costs will actually be reduced by contributing to CLS.

Contributions for the 2019-20 school year will be accepted beginning July 1. For any questions or concerns about the CLS Support Contribution program, please fill out the Contact Us form.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are making a Supplemental Contribution payment for the new school year, do not try to log-in before making your payment.You will be prompted to create an account for the Purchasing Center following your Supplemental Contribution payment. This will be your new account for the 2019-20 school year. Please enter in a current e-mail address to receive receipts and important information. For returning contributors, this is your opportunity to enter in new, UPDATED contact information for the new school year. 

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