CLS Purchasing Center

Season 19: Sep. - Nov. 2013

September 2013

  • Prayer: kids at St. Paul’s, Cudahy, Wis., whose teacher focuses on daily prayer.
  • G-House of Representatives where older students are learning how to lead, making decisions that serve Jesus and others.
  • Pastor Tony Schultz: First Commandment.

October 2013

  • Using technology to teach Bible stories to young children.
  • Teaching kids in grades 7-8 to use technology in God-pleasing manner.
  • Pastor Tony Schultz: Second Commandment.

November 2013

  • JoAnn VanderZee and her service dog, Ziva. JoAnn is blind.
  • Kids practicing reading with therapy dogs.
  • Pastor Tony Schultz: Third Commandment.

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