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The Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent Schools is a non-profit membership organization representing the interests of Wisconsin’s religious and independent schools in government relations.

We vigilantly defend the parents’ right to select the best education for their child and a school’s right to pursue the unique mission of its individual charter. In addition, we promote the understanding of all educational issues, support student rights, and represent the special concerns of our teachers in areas of licensure and professional development.

WCRIS communicates with federal, state and local government leaders on behalf of member schools to advocate our participation in government programs and secure equitable access to available public resources when applicable.

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Membership is offered to WELS Wisconsin schools only. Fees for membership to WCRIS is $4.75 per student in grades 4K through 12. (There is no discounted cost for CLS contributing schools.)


The commission guides and assists congregations in advancing the gospel of Jesus by providing resources, training, and personal assistance for starting and strengthening WELS schools.